For 33 years Sho Off has been committed to exceeding your expectations,

providing 5 Star Service and recommending only those services we

believe are essential to protect your investment.  We continue to provide

our staff the highest quality training to help preserve and protect your investment.


Sho Off was started by Eric Walker when he was 16 years old in front on his mothers' home.  What started as a hobby, blossomed into a passion for not only cars, but the appreciation of how people responded when they saw the transformation of their vehicle. 

While working part-time for a bank, he would pick up his co worker's cars, then his neighbors began to inquire and it grew from there.  When he would come home from college you would find him washing cars in front of his mothers' home.  At 19 he asked his neighbor to make him some business cards, it was then the name Sho Off was created.  During those days, Eric would take the cars to White Elephant to vacuum them out, it was Tiffanie (pictured on the right) his now wife of 24 years, who bought him his first cordless vacuum cleaner.  After graduating from college with a double major in Finance & Marketing Management, he was offered a "well paying job" (lol) with the City Of St. Louis.  It was a turning point, like most college graduates, he was broke with bills pilling up.  Nonetheless, his heart was set on exploring his entrepreneurial spirit.   He opened his first professional shop on Vandeventer, down the street from two other car washes.  Typically, not a smart business move, but a testament to the importance of exceeding customer expectations and delivering unparalleled service.  


After Tiffanie graduated Cum Laud she would persue her corporate dreams until layoffs became a corporate trend.  During the late 90's this duo would develop Sho Off into a household name and become the most respected detail facility in St. Louis.  During the next decade they would go on to open 4 facilities and two mobile units, making them the largest independently owned hand detail shop in the Midwest.  Her tireless support and drive would be energy needed to help continue their business goals. 

Eric is often quoted as saying "Tiffanie is the best decision I ever made".  For her relentless support and passion to help him pursue his dreams, in 2015 he helped her launch St. Louis' first and only Mobile Jewelry Boutique, Armon Kristian Jewelry.   

"Eric has an incredible amount of vision and the business acumen to make it a reality, we inspire and motivate one another to new heights, and our children are the fuel".